About the Show

He’s cute, furry and curious. And he’s here to make learning fun!

Gilby is a friendly puppy who loves to fetch answers to your questions! Why is the sky blue? Why do we need the sun? What are ears for? Children are full of questions and are naturally curious about the world around them. Now they have a special friend to help them discover the answers.

Joining Gilby in his daily quests are his friends Miss Kathy, Mr. Nick, Izzy Belle, Andy and more! Whether he’s visiting the library to learn what makes flowers grow or taking a trip to the zoo to figure out why animals have fur instead of hair, Gilby always has a fun and educational adventure! And just as Gilby is learning about the world he lives in, children are likewise gaining knowledge and learning skills that will help prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

Educational consultants and child psychologists from Akron Public Schools have worked with show producers to link the show with lessons on colors, numbers, shapes, letters and other subjects important to the development of pre-K and up students. In addition, each episode has been carefully crafted to create a comfortable, safe learning environment that makes it easy and fun for children to follow.

Ask Gilby® encourages children to explore and learn by writing, emailing and calling with questions of their own!

Educating children is what we are all about… 

…And having fun learning is our passion! Check out these tips on how to help encourage your child to learn. 

Learning Tips